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This Level 5 page contains encouraging life stories of people's journey towards God

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I visited your web site and was glad to see all that you've done and are still doing especially with the testimonies that I read. I therefore decided to share my testimony to the world so people will see what the good Lord has done for me too. Below is my testimony.


I am the fifth of a family of seven born in the city of Tema in Ghana of West Africa. My parents were staunch Christians who fellowshipped with the Presbyterian Church where I was baptized and confirmed. Everyone in the locality where we reside respected my family because we were strictly religious. My father's special duty was to train us in the religion he strongly believes in.

I can still remember vividly my parents, waking us up at dawn for our morning devotion. Everyday began and ended with readings from the bible and prayers. Sundays were days we hardly miss service. You have no option but to be there. This strict discipline affected our home life positively.


I attended one of the best schools in my days for my preparatory and primary education. I entered Secondary School after my primary education at a very tender age and that was where my life really started. I realized at school that life out there was more adventurous. As a young guy, I thought I will do myself lot of harm by not enjoying the other side of life, without knowing that "There is a way which seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death" (Pro. 14:12). Being so curious, I tried to experience any negative thing that I saw my friends do. This went on till after my secondary school.

One day, whilst playing my favourite game (draughts) with a friend who happen to be a believer, he introduce me to Jesus Christ, whom I have by then heard a lot about but never knew who he was to me. He later invited me to his church where I accepted Christ into my life after the altar call was made. After this experience, I determine in my heart to worship God faithfully, but I realized I could not overcome my old habits. I did not know how to pray neither did I knew how to study God's word. Whenever I took the bible to study, I did not know the exact place to read, ending up dozy. What broke the camel's back was that. No one came from the church to visit and encourage me to keep the faith, so I ended up wandering and finally quitted back into the world of sin doing worse things than I ever did.


One day, whilst on night duties at the port where I worked, I fell asleep and had a terrible dream. In the dream, I saw the whole earth being swallowed up by the sea. People were running helter-skelter, shouting and crying for help. I can now imagine how it was in the days of Noah and of course the Tsunami that struck the whole part of Asia . I ran to a particular place where people were in a queue entering a boat that was at the wharf. Unfortunately for me, the boat was full to capacity when it got to my turn, so I couldn't enter.

A large barge later came to the wharf, and those of us left behind were asked to go on board. What we thought was a barge, turn out to be a different thing immediately we got on board, and rather found ourselves sinking and entering deep into the sea. I could literally find myself soak in water and later found myself entering into a very dark room. I realized then that I was dead. However, before I entered into the dead land, God, who loved us because He created us in His own image, and does not fancy seeing His children perish in sin, intervened. My colleague, with whom I was working, came to call me to relieve him since he was tired and I woke up. I was so weak and disturbed that I couldn't work again. My colleague saw that all was not well with me but I did not tell him what I went through or saw in my dream.

Ever since that day, I was never myself. Death became a threat to my life. I was afraid to sleep at night because I feared I might not live to see the next day. I had a strong fear in me that my days on earth was short and that I had just some few days to live on earth. I did not know what to do neither did I confide in anyone.


Days rolled into weeks until God opened my understanding concerning the dream I had. I realized that those who entered the boat were believers who walked in the ways and will of God and those of us who could not enter, were unbelievers or those without Christ and were not living right. I knew that my life was not worthy and pleasing unto God and that accounted for that, and if I was to die, I would have gone to hell. After this encounter with death, I found myself back in Church but that never solved my problem. There was no joy in me. The only time that I was happy was when friends were around me.

One day, one of my sister who was a believer, gave me a book titled "A DIVINE REVELATION OF HELL" (Time is running out) by Dr. T. Lowery and that was the turning point in my life to this day. I heard a lot about hell but never knew the kind of torment people had to go through when they die. The writer had a revelation of what hell looked like and how people who died were suffering there. There was one particular story of a young man whose age and everything, including the sort of life he led before he died was like me. He harden his heart to the word of God and kept on post-poning his commitment to Christ until one day, whilst coming home from a disco, he had a car accident and died and found himself in hell. I realized then that God loves me and was speaking to me through the book.


I made up my mind to serve God whole-heartedly. Through some believer friends, I re-dedicated my life to Christ. At first, it was not as easy as I thought since I went through some difficult times. Whilst few friends encouraged me, others with whom I have been going out with, were not so please with the decision I took and tried several means to discourage me, but like blind Bartimaeus, (Mark 9:46-52) I remained focus, refusing to kowtow to the pressure.

After consistently studying God's word and spending time with Him, I started growing into maturity. I started feeling the presence and divine power of God working within me. I saw myself being a changed man and people even testified that I had really changed. I found peace within my soul, joy in my heart, and had lot of assurance from God's word. Although I can not explain how I felt, within my heart, I believe all my sins are forgiven me, and that the Lord was reigning in my heart and I have power for a new life.


I have never regretted becoming a Christian since God has been so faithful to me and my life has never been the same. He has been able to change my life to a real life of happiness, peace and hope. He has been able to give me strength in my weakness. As the living Lord, He comes into my life to give me new purpose, and promises me life in heaven that will never end. I know that I belong to God's heavenly family. I believe what David, the great prophet and king said "Though my father and mother forsake me, the Lord will receive me."(Ps. 27:10).

In all my troubles, doubts and temptation, it was enough to look into His face. In times when I have been lonely, tired and disappointed, I have praised Him for His abundant grace. Jesus said in the book of John 15:16 that "You did not choose me, but I chose you to go and bear fruit, fruit that will last. Then the Father will give you whatever you ask in my name". I did not choose Him, but He chose me, and am grateful to be His servant.

To God be the glory for ever and ever. Amen. God richly bless you.


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