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My name is Sue and this is the story of how I found the dear Lord Jesus Christ.

Several years ago I started to feel very anxious and depressed; my life was becoming so difficult. I was a hairdresser so it was even more difficult because I had to appear happy and confident all the time.

During this time my sister Joanne who lives in the USA kept telling me to ask the Lord into my life. She is a Christian by the way. But I dismissed it all saying, "I can work things out", but of course I couldn't. She also sent me a book "Power For Living". I didn't read it; I just put it away.

But my depression got much worse; I was crying most of the time. I realised how ill I was. I couldn't eat or sleep; my life was now a complete mess!

I realised I had to get help. I went to the doctor. He put me on tablets for depression. I took them, thinking that would be the answer, but I became more anxious. Each day was so difficult, especially having to work.

What happened next was truly amazing! One day I decided I would try and be positive and sort my bedroom cupboard out. As I was doing it a book fell out on the floor. I picked it up; it was the book my sister had sent me all that time ago! I sat down and started to read it. I just couldn't put it down. In this book it said if you want the Lord in your life just ask him and he would be there.

So I knelt down by the bed, crying all the time. And then it happened. I felt this overwhelming peace and warmth. I knew it was the Lord Jesus, he was there with me. I just couldn't believe it. I rang my sister at once. She was so thrilled because she knew I would get better from then on. The Lord had answered her prayers for me.

I thought all my troubles would be over, but that was still the beginning of my journey with the Lord.

I was still very anxious and depressed; life was still hard. This one day I felt very low, I actually rang the Samaritans. But all this time I was searching for something, I didn't know what. Also in the book it said to find a church where you feel comfortable. I did go to quite a few but none of them seemed right. It also said to read the Bible so I went to a Christian shop. The man at the shop was so helpful, so then I started to read the Bible. It was so wonderful day by day as I read this wonderful book.

But I was still struggling with depression. One day, feeling very low, I went to work but found it so hard. I went into the staff room, crying so bad. While I was in there a customer came to the doorway. She said, "Can I help you?" She knelt down by me, holding my hands. I just poured out everything to her. It was the most amazing thing. I told her that I needed a church and I needed to pray. She said "come with me on Sunday to my church". I was so anxious about it, but I did go; my friend Rose was with me. Well, in this little church was everything I needed. The people welcomed me. It felt like going home after a holiday - comfortable! The warmth I felt was wonderful. Praise be to God he had taken me to these precious people.

My life has completely changed. Slowly my depression has lifted. My anxiety is so much better. The Lord is in my life; I want to shout it from the rooftops! My family say how I have changed. My sister is overjoyed. We have become much closer. We spend hours on the phone. The Lord has blessed us both.

I have since been baptised. I am still on my journey, learning everyday. The dear Lord is with me wherever I go. And to people who are like I was, I say "just ask the Lord into your life"!

Praise be to God!

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