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Today there are thousands of charities involved in helping others. As a Christian, how are you to decide which one(s) you should support?

Clearly each potential donor will ultimately decide on the basis of categories and activities in which they have an interest. Beyond that basic consideration, what other factors should we consider?

If you live in the UK you can visit the Charity Comission website and look at the accounts of any charity you are considering. There you will be able to learn how much of your donation goes to those in need and how much goes to paid employees of the charity. You will be amazed how much some charities pay their employees!

If you are a Christian, hopefully you will take note of the words of Jesus and the Bible and act accordingly in deciding whom to support. Throughout the Bible God reveals his love for the helpless, the poor, the needy, the rejected and the dispossessed. The early Christians used their money not to build churches but to help widows and orphans, the needy and the suffering.

One example of a worthwhile and biblically influenced small charity I have come across recently is the Starfish Christian Trust. This charity has no paid employees - all give their time freely - and all donations go direct to the needy. The "Starfish Story" below (see image) inspired their approach.

The Starfish Christian Trust website states:

We are changing lives by providing medical assistance

We are changing lives by relieving hardship

We are changing lives by aiding Community

We are changing lives by rescuing slave families from bondage

We are changing lives by building schools in Pakistan and Ethiopia

We are changing lives by supporting widows and orphans in India

We are changing lives by preaching and teaching aroind the world

We are changing lives by acts of love

We are changing lives by making a difference...

image of story of boy and starfish

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