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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) By Non-Christians

When you speak to family and friends about your new faith in Jesus you may find they will ask you questions about God and other aspects of Christianity. To prepare you for this, we are putting together a number of pages that deal with the main questions that usually arise. Set out below are typical questions, with links to the answer page. If you need answers not covered here, then contact us by email and we will do our best to help.

Question - can you prove that God exists and that He's the only God?

Question - if God is so powerful why doesn't he put a stop to suffering and evil?

Question - isn't all truth equally valid? (answers also the question: "do all roads lead to God?")

Question - what if Christianity is wrong and atheism is right?

Question - is Jesus really the only way to God?

Question - will enough good works get me to Heaven?

Question - how does anyone get to Heaven?

Question - how can you believe in the resurrection of Jesus?

Question - why is Jesus good news?

Question - so what was special about Jesus?

Question - doesn't science contradict the bible?

Question - who made God?

.: more questions and answers to follow :.