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(bracketed references below are to the Bible. Format is book, then chapter, then verse)

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As a new Christian you may well experience God's word, the Bible, speaking to you. Even if you do not sense this, it is important nevertheless to develop a regular schedule for reading the Bible. Your new life is not about feelings but trusting in God and learning more about Him.

Reading the Bible each day gives food to your spirit, in the same way that mealtimes satisfy your natural daily hunger for food. A regular intake of spiritual food in this way will strengthen you as a Christian and enable you to understand more of God's kingdom and His ways.


Get hold of a modern version of the Bible such as the "New International Version" or the "Good News Bible". The best way to understand the Bible is to read the New Testament first. The New Testament begins with Jesus' life and teaching and this is vital reading for a new Christian. You will find the New Testament in the last third of your Bible. Start with the Gospels - Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. These books will give you a broad picture of Jesus, his life and death from different viewpoints.


After reading the Gospels, move on to the Acts of the Apostles. This is written in story form and tells how Christianity spread quickly after Jesus' resurrection from the dead. Most of the other books in the New Testament were written to teach and encourage Christians. After finishing the New Testament, go back to Genesis in the Old Testament and read on from there. Your reading of the New Testament first will stand you in good stead for understanding the Old Testament.


When you do eventually begin to read from the Old Testament, you may find it easier to start with the Book of Psalms, then perhaps go to the start of the Bible and read the Books of Genesis and Exodus.


You may find it helpful to buy a booklet with daily Bible readings designed specifically for new Christians, such as "Every Day With Jesus For New Christians" or "Daily Bread For New Christians". They are specifically written for people in your situation and will provide insights into your new life from older and wiser Christians.


Try to set aside time for Bible reading each day, preferably before you begin your day. Pray before you start and expect to hear God speak to you from His word.


A brief history of the Bible, including a short explanation of what each book is about, can be found on this page .

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