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Living As A Christian


While feelings are important, your faith in Jesus is based on facts (John 5:24). Itís nice to feel wonderful in your Christian life, but being a Christian involves being obedient to the will of God (the Bibleís teachings). So donít allow your feelings to affect your walk with God.

When Duty Calls..........Do it!

Donít wait till you feel like doing your Christian duty, just do it! Once you start, the feelings may well come, but if they donít itís not important. Jesus calls you to obedience, which is an act of your will (1 John 5:3-4).

Your Possessions and Your Personal Life

As a Christian you do not own your possessions, property, money or time. These, together with your very life, now belong to God to do with as he wishes. (Luke 14:25-33). Use what you have surrendered to him for his glory.

If You Should Sin............

If you should sin, donít dwell on your failure. Even if you feel no desire to pray because you have sinned, make a decision of your will to confess it to Jesus straight away (1 John 1:9).

The Standard to Reach

Whatever you do, DONíT look at "older" Christians and take them as the standard to aim for. Look to Jesus alone and model yourself on him and what he has said in the Gospels, for example Luke 6: 27-49.

Your Old Life

This has PASSED AWAY. You must resist, with the Holy Spiritís power, any desire to return to your former behaviour, when you simply pleased yourself (1 Peter 1: 14)

The Importance of Honesty

You must be honest in all things. If you depart from this standard, you will grieve the Holy Spirit and your relationship with Jesus will suffer the consequences. Take note of what Jesus says in Revelation 21:8!

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