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(relevant Bible verses from the New Testament are included)

1. The Bible tells us all men and women are separated from God because of their sin.
(Book of Romans Chapter 3 verse 23)

2. Therefore you are separated from Him

3. God wants to be friends with you so that you will no longer be separated from Him
because of your sin.(Book of Romans Chapter 6 verse 23)

4. Jesus came from Heaven to solve this separation problem and to offer you forgiveness for your sins.
(John's Gospel Chapter 14 verse 6)

5. Although Jesus was innocent of all sin, God allowed Jesus to die on the cross
for your sins, in your place, thereby solving the separation problem.
(Book of Romans Chapter 5 verse 8)

6. After his death, Jesus rose from the dead and is now alive forever.
His resurrection from the dead means you can put your trust in him as God's answer
to your separation problem.
(Colossians Chapter 1 verses 21-22)

7. Jesus is a friend of sinners. Therefore he is YOUR friend.
(Mark's Gospel Chapter 2 verses 13-17)

8. Jesus is now offering you forgiveness for all your sins and a place in God's kingdom, the Kingdom of Heaven.
(John's Gospel Chapter 14 verse 6)

9. If you want to accept his offer, tell him so. He will not reject you.
(Book of Romans Chapter 10 verse 13)

Note: Our "Good News v Bad News" page covers the sin problem in much more detail.

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