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This Level 5 page contains encouraging life stories of people's journey towards God

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green image spacerimage spacerI was a professional psychic for 5 years; I did it professionally on TV and radio. I taught everything from numerology to astrology, tarot, Angel cards, accessing Akashic records, mediumship, Reiki, past life regression, chakra balancing - everything! At one point I had 22 services on my website of what I offered because I gave this my all. I ran a school where I would teach people how to tap into this too; I also ran weekly transcendental meditation classes and women's red tent circles.

green image spacerimage spacerPlease hear my heart because I know this may seem far-fetched and I never would have believed this at the time either. My entire life was destroyed by Satan but it wasn't obvious because at first glance it seemed all "love and light" I completed many healing modalities from NLP, Hypnotherapy, acupuncture, sound baths, energy healing, breath work, incantations, MORA bioresonance therapy, EFT, tapping, shadow work and so many others which is why I stepped into this role so I could teach other people what I had discovered and this "secret knowledge" that I had access to.

green image spacerimage spacerThe deeper I surrendered to the occult and new age practises of witchcraft and Pantheism, the worse things became, but what I didn't realise at the time was the impact demons had on my mind manifesting thoughts of suicide and crippling anxiety. I'd check in with my "higher self" that would tell me I was just picking up on the energy of other people, or the planets and placements in astrology were affecting me, or the many other excuses all occultists make up because of the lies they convince themselves to avoid the truth and reality, so of course I'd practise more divination which only buried me further and deeper into this demonic deception and unknowingly inviting more demons into my body, mind and life even more.

green image spacerimage spacerI thought I could manifest my entire life exactly how I wanted it by getting into "a vibrational frequency". I'd sage my home and put my crystals out under every full moon because that's how I thought I was cleansing "negative energy". I was very thorough at grounding techniques, cleansing myself after each client, clearing my chakras, literally everything that I was supposed to do properly, I didn't skip a beat which is why I was recognised globally for being a teacher and running my metaphysical school. However, it is all complete lies and excuses for a deceptive lifestyle and disillusionment when you're heading in this direction, because it is Satan who has oppressed your soul. After all, the devil paints a pretty picture.

green image spacerimage spacerLet me tell you something: every single client and person you meet in the New Age, witchcraft and occult would all have serious problems going on in their lives. They are not normal, because it attracts lost little lambs. All of them are either an erratic mess, constantly making excuses for toxic behaviour, easily triggered, scattered, bitter, addictions galore, narcissistic, riddled with anxiety and fear, lives full of chaos and drama, sleep paralysis, suffering with illness, disease or sickness, infertile, prideful, jealous, constantly lying and disassociated from reality because they aren't honest with themselves. They have toxic and unstable friendships and relationships, arrogant and stubborn, closed off to the truth because they think they know it all, living in a fairy-tale of disillusionment including absolutely no moral compass asking questions like "I'm having an affair with 3 men - which one should I be with?" They too were already walking with Satan, but they too just didn't realise it. One lady confessed a murder to me and my "intuition/spirit guides" showed me how she did it (Satan showed me but at the time I didn't know it was him because I thought it was my "intuition") I even at one point was helping a local police department find a missing child, I genuinely thought with all my heart that I was helping and working "in the light".

green image spacerimage spacerI have more details and stories that will shock you of people who are involved in this and the lives they really live behind closed doors, but it's dark and I won't put that on you here, however I'm telling you from personal years of experience having been so deeply involved: it is evil even though it does not appear that way. The people it attracts are brushing with insanity. How do I know this? Because at one point I literally thought I was a Pleiadian starseed lightworker and I would do astral travel and communicate with other aliens from other planets and galaxies. This is not normal behaviour, at all, but it's totally accepted as being normal in that environment. I gave this lifestyle my entire heart and soul, I dived right into it because I genuinely thought I had found the answers, freedom, truth and healing and that's why people walk right into this trap too, desperately searching for healing, answers, truth and a new life away from their current one.

green image spacerimage spacerWell-meaning people walk right into this and don't think of it as being evil. I would have actually said at the time that you're just "living in fear" if I would of heard someone speak the truth about it.

green image spacerimage spacerPeople in the New Age and occult are clinging to it out of desperation, what they think is "healing" and basing their identity on it. They might even make fun of you and laugh at you for pointing out the deception and web of lies they're entangled in because they're desperately clinging to it for answers and "healing". Sometimes their finances rely on it so they're prideful and judgemental. They don't want to know because their false sense of security keeps them lost in the dark. They have no real tangible guidance because it's all just opinions and "beliefs" and the most overused statement of all- "this is my truth". I get that it's not easy to hear that you're actually worshipping false idols and the devil without realising it, but the truth is you're walking further and further away from God because you're walking with Satan instead and he will literally destroy every single piece of your life and soul. Maybe not at first; he has to lure you into it, right? That's how Satan blesses people.

green image spacerimage spacerIn the photo on this page I was living on the 15th level marble floor luxury apartment that had 180 degree waterfront views, I drove a brand new off the showroom floor sports car, which is also half the reason why I thought I was being rewarded for "helping people" and "raising consciousness". I could have easily kept going with this for many years to come because I didn't burn out, I worked whenever I wanted to on my own account and lived a very chilled out lifestyle living life on my own terms. I thought I "manifested" this. I wouldn't even book a client in before 11am because I was literally just "living the dream". But thankfully by the grace of God I did realise the truth and I thank the Lord for calling me to Him and never giving up on me. As you probably realise by now it's seemingly very easy to keep walking with Satan when he's blessing you like that.

green image spacerimage spacerThe thing is, once you open the door up to this you're unknowingly inviting demons in to wreak havoc over your life. It's like when people meditate, and empty their minds which is the exact same principle as opening the front door in your house and leaving it open for absolutely anything to enter and you're giving anything(demons)permission because it's your house (body) and you were the one that opened the door that let them in.

green image spacerimage spacerI didn't know I was walking with Satan by the way. Obviously I thought I was working with the Angels, and my "spirit guides" and "the universe". Satan's very good at masquerading himself as a false light. If he came presenting himself as a beast with horns and claws then you're going to know it's him. He is much more cunning than that! Satan has pretty much perfected the art of deception.

green image spacerimage spacerPsychics are known as "soothsayers" in the Bible. They get their information from Satan, that's how they know things about you, about your loved ones even down to the finest of quirks and details. But it'll curse your entire life, inviting demons into your home and body, wreaking havoc over your relationships, emotions, health and more because, remember - you opened the door to giving them permission to enter!

green image spacerimage spacerMediums (in the Bible it's referred to as Necromancy) are people who contact the "dead" to talk to them, but they aren't talking to your passed over loved one at all!. Yep I used to do that too and I thought I was "connecting to them in spirit". Nobody can ever do that because they are not here anymore, it's not like we die and get shuffled off to a room for all of eternity waiting for a medium or psychic to "connect to us". It's literally a demon they're speaking to, which is why they have so much information about your loved one, even down to how their voice sounded, things they used to say, perfume they'd wear, everything! But again the well-meaning psychic/medium doesn't realise that because that demon is putting on a grand show for them.

green image spacerimage spacerEveryone I ever met in the industry has serious problems or health conditions in their life too. They're not happy, they're not content or at peace, they're completely dissatisfied on a self-saviour complex hamster wheel of demonic deception. They are all trying to "heal" themselves because nothing is working for them, they do one "healing modality" and then go off to the next, constantly searching but never actually finding because they haven't found Jesus, the way the truth AND the life. These people are not healthy spiritually, mentally, emotionally or even physically, and no matter how much they try to convince you otherwise, they're an absolute mess and chaotic.

green image spacerimage spacerI am certain you know exactly what I'm talking about! It's all very theatrical; it's all smoke and mirrors. It's all a deflection! You see this picture of me? Seems convincing too doesn't it; I have a big smile on my face. This was at the height of my career in it and I'd have these visions that demons would give me, of jumping off that balcony every day that you can see behind me, I didn't even like walking out on the balcony because I felt like something was going to drag me off it. It's absolutely not what it seems, don't be fooled friend!

green image spacerimage spacerPeople don't realise, but it's completely evil. The devil paints a pretty picture just like he did in the Garden of Eden, trying to trick people into thinking we don't need our Lord and we can access "secret information" but there is no such thing. You have access to the truth available to you right here and right now if you actually want it, but Satan's plan is a trap and the price of entering it is your soul.

green image spacerimage spacerNew Age is a compilation of pagan beliefs and practises. The word "pagan" refers to any type of spirituality that diverges from the spirituality taught in the Bible. But what makes the "New Age movement" different from Paganism is that you don't just have one set of pagan beliefs and practices. It's a culmination of pagan beliefs and practises that draws from things like Eastern mysticism, the occult, Theosophy, Buddhism, Hinduism etc.

green image spacerimage spacerWitchcraft is a synonym for sorcery, which is any attempt to influence supernatural forces with one's own will. Since the very first lie that was told to mankind, in the Garden of Eden it's always been the promise of Godhood. Satan comes to Eve and says "if you access the secret knowledge you shall be as God". The New Age movement is the exact same repackaged lie as Satanism and Luciferianism philosophy. Mankind is defined by nature, the mentality of "you're a god or goddess with amnesia you don't know it yet" That is why the founding father of the Satanic church and the author of the Satanic Bible, Anton LaVey, accused the New Age movement of stealing it's practises from Satanism.

green image spacerimage spacerIt's simply trying to manipulate creation, and using things in creation for worshiping and idolising, rather than going with the Creator himself for a source of spiritual nourishment. It's demonic deception because you're literally replacing God with yourself, as though God is the self and mankind is divine by nature, so the belief is that God is the substance of reality, that God is the building block of the universe itself and therefore the substance of God is the building block of man and therefore man can trust in himself because he's divine by nature and can be trusted and exalted by God. Do you see how insane this is? This is why it attracts so many lost souls.

green image spacerimage spacerHow did I get out? Because I went to take my own life. That is where this road will take you too - on a one way ticket to Hell. My soul was beyond exhausted because the ground on which I built my whole life, healing, identity, personality and career was collapsing. Why was it collapsing? Because I knew it wasn't the answer, too many things over time didn't add up, but I didn't know what was true anymore. I spent years studying different religions and philosophies which is why I landed in this. I wanted the truth so badly and at that point I was actually humble enough to listen because I was done. So in a last minute desperate attempt I called out to Jesus "If you're real show me, because I can't keep doing this anymore". He showed up and transformed my entire life.

green image spacerimage spacerI am completely set free from insomnia, depression, addictions, anxiety and complex PTSD from years of malevolent life-altering childhood trauma. I don't fear anything; I literally have faith in Jesus because I walk with the Lord now.

green image spacerimage spacerJesus is real! He is SO real, and the Lord your God has plans and a purpose that will set YOU free too! He intricately created you for a specific purpose. How beautiful it is to know that in amongst God creating all the stars, the rivers and the mountains, He thought He needed one of you too!

green image spacerimage spacerThe Bible is real too and it holds power and truth, but the devil doesn't want you to know about it or to read it because it unravels his deception and sets your soul free. It guides your life; it heals, restores and edifies and refreshes everything there is about you. There have been cases where entire buildings burnt down, everything destroyed by the fire, and all that is left is a Bible - completely untouched by the flames. It holds power to protect and guide your life.

green image spacerimage spacerDon't know where to start? Get a modern tranlation of the Bible. Start in the New Testament, which is the gospel of Jesus. Start at the book of Matthew and keep reading through Mark, Luke, and John until you reach the end. Then after you've finished those, open up to Proverbs and read that. Pray for the Holy Spirit to give you revelation as you read it.

green image spacerimage spacerDon't know what Bible translation to use? Grab a New Living Translation, English Standard Version, The Message or the New International Version. They're the easiest to read and understand, but I personally prefer the New King James Version. The Bible is jammed packed full of wisdom and guidance for a fulfilling life and afterlife. Watch how much your life changes for the better just by reading the Bible! Your relationship with God will grow in astonishing ways.

green image spacerimage spacerAll you have to do is allow the Lord Jesus Christ to guide you. Seek Him with your whole heart and soul. It's only in Jesus Christ that we will understand and find our life - because your purpose lies in His hands. Worship, listen to sermons, get plugged into a good local church community and pray for the Lord to reveal Himself to you. He will give you a life so filled with joy and peace beyond your imagination and all you have to do is reach your hand out to His that is reaching down to yours, and allow Him to pull you out of all the hurt and pain that has you searching for love in all the wrong places.

green image spacerimage spacerIf you want someone to talk to or have any questions please message me. When you walk with Jesus you never walk alone. But I am always here for you and I will not judge you, but I'll definitely pray for you and I give you my word I will personally help you.

green image spacerimage spacerFriends, I invite you to connect with me here because I have so many free resources for you! Together, let's embark on a journey of faith, growth, and impact as we serve the Kingdom of God!

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