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Watch Out For People Offering Power Experiences
Or Who Use You As A Source of Easy Money

There are many "Christian" web sites on the Internet headed up by people offering exciting revelations and experiences Ė but BEWARE!

Many of these people are based in North America and travel overseas, but may be found elsewhere too. So what are the warning signs that should alert you to be cautious about these people?

        power glory miracles

Many of them try to attract you using phrases such as:

  1. "you need to move in power".
  2. "you need to release the glory in your life".
  3. "you need the glory as well as the power".
  4. "do you want the glory mantle?"
  5. "move in signs, wonders and miracles".
  6. "the anointing on your life is what you need".
  7. "revelations from the throne room of God".

Usually their web sites will contain appeals for "donations" or "tithes" or "offerings" with a suggested minimum, and offer lots of books/CDs/mp3 recordings with exciting titles for sale.

Their online shops may also sell overpriced goods.money

What is wrong with these attractive appeals, encouragements and money- making activities?

In the first instance, many seem to be run as business ventures and you must ask yourself whether they are building Jesusí kingdom by what they do, or are they making big money from gullible Christians for their own benefit.

Second, all the above "power/glory/miracles" phrases are designed to appeal to the fallen human nature and are not the spiritual priorities of God. No-where in the Bible does God tell his people to seek after "power" or "miracles" or "glory" or "the anointing" as a means of building up his people. If itís not in the Bible, then you had better be very careful! If you want special power or abilities in your life Satan - the adversary - is always waiting in the wings and happy to oblige. Demonic spirits can come as "angels of light" and produce convincing healings, miracles and offer real power, even in the midst of gatherings of Godís people.

more of Jesus

Godís desire for his people is not the seeking of the "spectacular and exciting", but the exact opposite. God wants you to seek JESUS - not some special power or impartation. Also, God wants your revelations to come from him, nor via a "special impartation" from a visiting stranger or a hyped up book. I advise you most strongly NOT to go forward at any gathering to receive an "impartation" or "special anointing" from these people. Many who have done so have later found that what they received was a strange spirit that was NOT from God, so beware!

Many of these teachers/prophets seem to say all the right things about Jesus, God, and sin, however you need to exercise discernment at all times in your spirit. If you have even the slightest feeling of doubt or hesitation about what is being said or done, trust your instincts and keep clear.

Jesus is always calling his people to have more and more of him in their lives.

Jesus must be first

This is primarily done through spending time alone with Jesus; in prayer and Bible study on your own, just you and Jesus. You need to read and read and read your Bible so that you will not be taken in by false prophets and teachers. Always test what teachers/prophets are saying against what the Bible says. If their main emphasis is on "you can get.Ö.." or "you can receiveÖ.", I suggest you stay well clear. As Chip Brogden points out,the fundamental need of a disciple of Jesus Christ is not more power, but more brokenness.

In the Bible we are warned against false teachers: see 1 Peter Chapter 2. Read also the warning in 1 John 4 verse 1 about false prophets.

Faithful prophets and teachers in 2007 are NOT giving out exciting and alluring messages to Godís people. The true prophets are warning Godís people to repent of their lukewarm faith, live a holy life and to return to their first love - Jesus. They are calling Christian disciples to a closer walk with the Lord through regular, faithful prayer and Bible study. They are warning that unless you make Jesus first in your life, above all else, you will not be able to stand when opposition and persecution come to Christians in the days ahead.

For help and advice about how to discern whether a miracle today is from God or Satan, go here

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