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Who Should & Shouldn't Read 'The Shack'? - by an Amazon.com reviewer

The Shack IS recommended reading IF…

You want to recreate God in your own image;

You find Isaiah’s portrayal of a holy God seated upon His throne to be a disturbing image;

You would prefer to metaphorically cast God the Father as a loving and large black woman named “Papa,” Jesus as a laid back and friendly Middle Eastern man, and the Holy Spirit as a calm and cool Asian woman;

You want a God so small that you and she/he/she can just hang out together as best buddies;

You regard the Bible as an extremely biased, narrow-minded, and insufficient revelation of God in leather binding with “guilt edges” (p. 65);

You believe that God is never to be feared (p. 90);

You believe that Jesus’ miracles do not affirm Him as God, but prove only “that Jesus is truly human” (p.99);

You want a God who does not hold people accountable for, nor punishes sin (p. 119);

You want a God who does not demand that you submit to him or her, but one who submits to YOU (p. 145);

You want a God who accepts everyone — “Buddhists…Muslims, bankers and bookies” — as his or her children no matter what their beliefs or behavior, and that Jesus has “no desire to make them Christian” (p. 223);

You believe that Jesus lied when He warned, “Broad is the road that leads to destruction” (Matthew 7:13), because in The Shack, Jesus says, “Most roads don’t lead anywhere.”

The Shack is NOT recommended for…

…any Christian who loves the Bible and wants to know God as He wants to be known — as He has revealed Himself to mankind in the Scriptures.