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Withhold Not Your Hand From Reaching Out

Withhold not your hand from reaching out. I am not limited by your lack, nor by your abundance. But I am limited by your obedience. Give of yourself to others, and do not retreat. It does not matter if you were received or not, what matters is that you shared what you have. I ask you to do nothing, but that which I have equipped you to do and to give. You have within you, more than you realize. You have Me.

Every time you reach out in My Name, and give out of your treasure from within, I am with you, and give of Myself, even as you do. For I am moved by compassion, and My Love pours through those who give liberally. Do not think that I do not feel what you feel when they reject you. I have felt this also, even when I walked the earth, yet I still gave of Myself to all.

My Love is more than enough, and when it is released you do not always see the results of itís going forth. But I know, for I am at work. I chose to send you, and to release My Love through you, to all men. Even your enemies. Withhold not your hand, nor My Love, but give. When you give, then I can return it back to you as well. Only I know the truth, and I will repay.

Leave the people and the situations to Me, and just continue to walk with Me. I will take care of those who trouble you, and who oppose you. My Love already exposes their hearts, and My Truth will judge them, for they never learned to love. It is more about releasing the Truth than it is about being seen. For in releasing the Truth of My Love, you already reveal that which is born from within.

My Glory is shown through your response to Me.

Give Me everything, and withhold nothing from Me, and allow Me to cover you. I will not fail, but I will be even more glorified through your suffering. For you suffer for My sake. Those who lay their lives down, even for their enemies, will I share even more of My Glory with. For I have been fully formed within you, and can be seen through you. I take pleasure in your love.

Do not try to protect yourself, but let My Love flow forth from you. When I am freely given to all from within you, then I have completed My desire that I have been forming within you, and also concerning you. This is a season of discovery, and of extension. The stretching enables you to bring forth more fruit, and to be able to continually flow in the new measure that is given to you.

Take the new measure and allow it to increase and to expand even further.

What I give to those who are Mine, I also expect them to reproduce. There is no holding back or returning to what was. For the old has been removed, and all that there is, is Now.

This is the Day that I have made, and it is time to walk in it boldly and without reservation. Stretch out your hands to heal, in My Name, to deliver those who are bound, in My Name, and to save those who are lost, in My Name. Bring forth all that I have deposited within you, and let it out to all who I will bring you to. Then watch as I fashion it as you release it, and I will accomplish My Will through your obedience.

I will show My Love to all that hunger for Me.

I will show My Justice to those who hate Me.

I will bring Liberty to all who reach out to Me.

I will reject all who turn their backs on Me.

It is time to reap.

-Susan Cummings


2:10 am

In The Image Of His Glory Ministries