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Every Time I Move

Every time I move, I require absolute obedience, in order for you to move as I move. I am continually working and moving and bringing My People into those things that I have ordained. But most of My People will not obey. I am not going to continue to be moving on behalf of those who will not fully follow Me.

My People continually resist Me, oppose Me, argue with Me, criticize My Works, and ridicule My Power. MY PEOPLE do this! I am Holy and My Glory is Holy, and no more will My Glory be given to those who would trample it in their hearts and through their mouths. No More! No More!

It is out of your absolute love for Me, that you will obey Me and follow Me. Much of My House does not love Me, nor desire Me above their own things or lives. If they did, then My House would be known for itís love and for itís prayer, and for itís radiance of My Glory and My Person from within and from without.

Every time I move on behalf of My People, and bring them deliverance and freedom and provision, they then turn their backs on Me and go about their earthly business, while My Will is left on the wayside. They only wanted what came from My Hand, but they truly did not desire Me or to be yoked with Me to fulfill My Will, or to change their evil ways. No more! No More!

What I bring forth within My House will remove all who do not truly walk with Me, nor humble themselves before Me, or who do not reverence My Presence. For I will separate from that which is not Mine, nor Holy. I am not a God that will be taken for granted, nor will I be dictated to, or be controlled by evil men and women.

I am shaking everything loose that has been hidden amongst the ranks, and only the Holy will stand through it all. What I have begun, will not be stopped till I have accomplished My Transformation. The next wave has now begun, but where will the wicked men run?

I desire Truth in the inward parts of men, not lies and hardness of hearts.

What men have covered up, will I uncover.

What men have exalted, I will bring down.

What men have said was My Presence, will I show forth as their works of sin.

What men have done to My Lambs, I will surely and speedily repay.

Every time I move, it is to draw My People unto Myself, and to reveal Myself unto them, to set them free, and to heal them, and to show forth My Love unto them. My Kingdom is to be fruitful and multiply and to advance into the hearts of every man on the earth. I am to be lifted up amongst all men, and then I will draw all men unto Myself. But I am not being fully lifted up.

Men have lifted themselves up into My Place.

I am not to be used for building man made kingdoms, nor am I to be prostituted upon wicked menís flesh, nor are My Lambs to be stripped bare and beaten and used up as slaves till they die off. I have seen this in My House and I will no longer allow Mine to be denied their God. No more! No more!

I am coming to bring them to Myself. I will remove them from the chains of men suddenly, and place them where they can grow and mature. I will sweep through, and call Mine out, then the destruction will come, to those who do not follow Me. Take heed to My Voice. Take care to your souls. Remove all that binds you and come unto Me. For I am moving amongst you!

Every time I move, I unroll more of My Plans concerning men, but few truly see and reverence Me in the midst of that time of change. Most criticize, complain, and mock My Hand. Few fear Me, and truly know what I am doing in that time. But those few will I use to shake the church and to reveal who I truly am! Then all men will fear Me. But then, it will be too late for them.

Wind upon wind, upon wind, upon wind will blow upon the false house till it falls in utter ruin. The natural winds that come, you will see raging, are the sign of the wave that has come. Will men see, or will they still close their hearts in this new day? The winds will surely tell, and men will mourn those that fell. But I will set Mine free from their prison cell.

Every time I move, I AM seen.

-Susan Cummings


1:05 pm