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Through The Gate Of Surrender - a prophetic word from Jesus given in a vision

In a vision, I see a scene that spreads out before me. It is a scene of

an ancient town or village. There are stone walls surrounding this

village and the walls are thick and high. The stones are old and there

are plants growing within some of the cracks in the stone walls.


The scene is around the day's end, and it is late. I see some people

sitting around near the townís walls. Some are camped outside the walls

sitting by a fire, and a few are walking around the walls to go to

another side. I do not see what is on the other side, so I continue to

watch the scene that is spread out before me.


I study the walls for a few minutes. The walls are old, as I noted

earlier. They are very tall and wide and have gaps here and there for

windows, I guessed. There are no entrances on this side of the wall

except for a very old gate that is completely blocked by brambles and

stuff growing around it.


It must be why the people were walking around to the other side of the

town wall. It seemed that no one has cleared this gate or gone through

it for a while. The only thing on this side of the wall was a camp of a

few people and bushes, here and there.


I was curious, and wanted to see this gate. Instantly, as I thought

about this gate, then I was taken closer to it in the vision.


The gate was indeed overgrown and very foreboding to look at. I, too,

would think twice about tackling the brambles before entering. It would

leave you quite beat up and scratched if you tried to clear it all away

from the door. The gate was closed as I peered through the brambles. It

was a very heavy door and had a great big key still resting in the lock.

Someone had not even bothered to remove it.


I laughed at myself then, for no one was going to take it anyways, with

this mess growing all around the gate! I stood there looking at the

gate. Then I noticed an inscription above the gate. It was hard to read

as some of the brambles had grown over it. But I stood and reached

through to move some of the branches out of the way. The inscription was

very old and was etched into the rock above the gate. It read,



I stepped back and wondered how long it had been here. Who had made it

and why it was no longer used. I wondered why no one cared to clear this

passage and make good use of a gate that would give them entrance to the



The Lord then spoke to me, and said, "Surrender is the least used gates

of all."


I turned and the Lord stood beside me. He was pointing to the gate.


He said, "This gate is the most valuable of all, and the least

recognized. It is the most hated and the most feared, and men will do

anything to not enter in through it, even though it is the quickest

entrance into the town."


"As you have guessed, this town represents My House, and its current

state of disrepair and workmanship. The gates are many, but the most

important ones are often abused, neglected, controlled, or broken down.

The ones that are used the most are the ones that lead to their business

or fellowship places."


He then walked up to the brambles and took one in His hand.

He pointed and said to me, "Can you enter this gate?" I shook my head,

and said, "Not without clearing the path first."


The Lord smiled broadly. "Yes," he said, "This is what I am doing."


"Many think they can bypass this gate, and enter into what I am

currently doing, and go through another way. There is no other gate

through which men can enter in. For I AM the Gate, and all who come

to the Father, come only through here. It is through full surrender to

Me that they truly enter in."


"I am not just talking about salvation. I have many sheep in many



"I am talking about fully abiding In Me. Surrender comes when you truly

lay all things down, and can take My Yoke upon you, and drink from My

Cup. Few can. Many take My Name, My Blood, My Word and My Throne and

call it theirs. But few truly have died and laid themselves at My Feet,

and have given me their life to make it into My Image. Few want to look

like Me, think like Me, and live like Me. Fewer still, fully surrender

to Me."


"I am coming for those who are Mine, who are fully surrendered to Me

and who live the crucified life. I am coming for those who bear My Cross

and who drink My Cup. I am coming for those who know My Sufferings and

My Joy. I am coming for those who bear My Mark and who bear My Name

within them. For I indeed write My Word and My Name upon the tablets of

the hearts and minds of My People. Those who have given their hearts and

minds to Me, and who walk fully in My Ways. These are also those who

bear the reproach of men in their bodies and who bear My Holiness within

them. They have allowed the work of My Father to be burnt within them

and without. These are the truly Righteous Ones."


Jesus then stood back and stepped closer to where I was standing. He

looked at me, and said, "I want you to enter the gate."


I looked back at the gate, and at the brambles. I swallowed, and said,

"Okay. I will clear the way. I will open it again for others to pass



I then turned and began to reach for the branches. I pulled and the

branches did not move easily. The brambles did not move. They seemed to

be frozen in place. They were very strong, and over time, had become

deeply entrenched in the ground. This was going to be very hard work.


I strained at the brambles and thought of ways that I could move the

branches. There seemed to be no way that I could see. I looked around

for something to dig with. I thought if I dug them out by the roots,

then I could pull each bush out, one by one. But there was nothing. The

Lord was still standing there, and He had no shovel either.


The Lord watched me intently. I was getting frustrated, and stood up.

The brambles were not only not moving, but they were scratching me and

scraping me as well. I had made no progress. I looked at the brambles

and sat down.


I looked up at the walls, and there was nothing else around with which

to use for leverage, to pry up under them with. No boards, nothing.

There were a few people camped further from me, but they only watched

me. "No interest there in helping me," I thought to myself.


The Lord sat down next to me. He said to me, "You cannot remove them by

your own works."


"Men make the mistake thinking they can work their way to Me. They think they can

clear and clean up their lives and make things right on their own. It is

only when you come to the end of yourself and realize that you can do

nothing, and are nothing without Me, is when you can truly surrender

all. But men do not want to give me their wills."


"Only I can remove the brambles. For they are the defenses that men

erect that prevent them from drawing closer to Me. Each bramble

represents those things that give you security and comfort, and

strength. They feed your self esteem and make you think you are whole.

It is those things that your will relies upon to feed it and to maintain

itís identity."


"It is when you understand that I AM truly your Lord and that you are

not separate from Me, and that your will is My Will, then you can truly

release the brambles in your life to Me. Until then, you will erect them

and use them for your purposes and miss My Will for your life. When men

choose My Will, and fully embrace Me, then My Fire can fully come. It is

My Fire that removes the brambles and all of the defenses that prevent

them from knowing Me intimately. It is My Fire that will burn up all the

debris that still remains, so that you can open the door and walk with

Me freely."


I stood up, and went up to the brambles. I looked at them and touched

their tangled knots of branches. I then said, "Lord, I surrender to you

completely. Bring your Fire and burn up all debris, all the defenses,

all of My identity, all of My Self Will. I am nothing without you."


Suddenly, all of the brambles just began to burn up before me. They just

ignited, and were ablaze. I backed up and watched them as they burned.

The brambles crackled in the flames as the fire burned the leaves and

branches. There was such a sense of peace as I watched them burn. I

waited as they burned down to patches of coals of fire, here and there.


I then walked through the patches of fires that still burned, and went

up to the gate. The door was shut and the key was still in the old lock.

It was indeed a heavy door. It was very big, and old, and it had steel

bands that went through the panels. The key was a big old key and it has

a rounded handle with a loop in it. I put my hand in the loop.


My hand fit perfectly within the loop. I took the key and went to turn

the key. It would not turn. It had sat in the lock for a long time. It

seemed to be stuck. It would not come out of the lock either. I thought

for a minute. What is the key? Then, I thought, well, we enter in

through the Blood. So, I said, "The Blood of Jesus Christ has atoned for

me, that I may fully enter and walk intimately with Him."


The key turned and the lock clicked, and I touched the door. It was a

very big door that towered over me and that many people could enter

through at one time when it was open. The Lord then said, "I Am the door

by which all men may enter, for I made the way available for all men. I

am willing to let all pass through who wish to, but few choose to."


"Most go around this gate and try to find another way to enter in to My

House. But they never deal with the root issues, the brambles, and are

not truly surrendered to Me, and havenít given me their will, so I am

not truly Lord."


"I take each child who comes to Me, and bring each of them through the

gates to My House, one at a time. Each holds a Truth, and a key for

their lives. Each brings them closer to Me and brings them a deeper

knowledge of Me, but none will bring them closer or more intimate with

Me, than this one. This is the most resisted and the most feared."


"If you do not fully surrender to Me, and become one with Me, and take

on My Likeness and My Life, then I do not truly know you. Unless you are

fully changed, you will remain a stranger, and be cast into outer

darkness at My Coming."


"Men think that can camp on My Truths, and partake of a few things here

and there, and make it their platform and defense, but they fail to

apply Me, the Living Word, the whole Council of God, to their lives, and

they are not fully changed. They only become more entangled with their

works and become further alienated from Me."


"But you must fully embrace all of Me, and utterly cast yourself upon

Me, and take Me fully as your Lord, and God. I alone, will change you,

as you embrace Me. I alone, can make you into My Image, and not of

yourself. Do not take one Truth, and discard another, but fully embrace

all of My Word, and let it do itís work within you. Do not elevate one

Truth above another, and build upon them, but eat them, and let them

abide in you."


"My Word is to be eaten, and not built upon, and used for menís

purposes. It is to be embraced. It is to be partaken of, and the fruit

of it will be walked out. It is the Life that is in My Word, when

properly partaken of, that will be reflected outwardly. That is what

will be seen. The Surrendered Life is a visible life that is seen by

all. It is hated by many."


"When I am fully reflected, then true change has come."


"This House is My House. It is built upon the foundations of many

generations before you. It has seen many days of Glory and many days of

defeat. It is currently fallen and in some places it is in disrepair,

and those who pass by it and through it, do not strengthen the walls,

and do not clean up or repair the gates. They only care for their own

business matters and not for My House. They do not want to change. That

will now change."


"I am bringing the true Gate Keepers and they will repair the Gates."


"I am tearing down everything that is not built by Me in this Hour, and

nothing built by men will stand while My House is fallen and in

disrepair. Every foundation will be exposed, and Mine will be raised up.

I AM the Lord of My House, and I will have a Holy House fit for My Use."


"Be diligent in your quest for Truth, and always fully embrace Me. Allow

My Word to be formed even more within you, and eat of it often. If My

Words abide within you, then I will come in further, and as you make

more room for Me, I will continue to sup with you, and share the meat

with you from My Fatherís table. For the meat is not given to those who

only desire bread. It is given to those who have surrendered fully to



The Lord then turned and pushed the door open, and entered the city with



-Susan Cummings 9-18-05 3:58 pm