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Gospel Song Ė Jesus Christ The Lord

(song based on the Gospel as set out in Romans Chapter 1 verses 1-4 and I Corinthians Chapter 15 verses 1-5)

1.   Scriptures foretold

His coming of old

Godís Son descended from King David

From human flesh He came

Through holiness to reign

The sinless Son of God now resurrected.

2.   The penalty He paid

He suffered and bled

Died for our sins as it was written

Buried in the grave

Raised the third day

Exactly as the Word of God had spoken.

3.   Seen alive by Peter

Then by the Twelve

Nothing could stop His resurrection

Jesus, risen King

Lord of everything

The devil's evil power was now defeated.

4.   What does it mean

Is my conscience clean

Am I a child of God the Father?

What should I then do

Now I know itís true?

Completely change direction to find God's pure light.

5.   Forgiveness he offers

Giving us a choice

Stay as we are Ė but then we perish

Better then repent

Turn from self-intent

By trusting all my future life to Jesus Christ.

6.   God has made this Jesus

Judge of all mankind

One day we all will come before Him

Call upon Him now

He will hear and vows

To give eternal life to all who trust in Him.


This song Copyright © Brian Johnson 2006