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  It's been recently discovered that there are more than three billion pieces of information contained in human DNA.

  Meaning, a single DNA cell of the human body contains as much information as the Encyclopedia Britannica--all thirty volumes of it--three or four times over.

  In everyday experience, we know that objects with a high information content--books, computer disks, musical scores--are products of intelligence. Isn't it reasonable to conclude, by analogy, that the DNA molecule is likewise the product of an intelligent agent?

  To see some inspiring evidence for the existence of a loving Creator whom you can know personally, see the feature article "Is There A God?" at www.everystudent.com




  According to statistics, married people experience the greatest quality and quantity of sex. That should come as no surprise.

  God created sex to be most enjoyable within a committed marriage relationship. If you want the best for your future, why settle for second best today?

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  Some say it doesn't matter what you call God: Buddha, Allah, or Jesus.

  What difference does it make?

  Find out for yourself. See the feature article "Connecting with the Divine" on the Web at www.everystudent.com




  How will you handle life's hard times? Do you have a plan for how you will deal with circumstances in life that might be tougher than you are?

  College student Steve Sawyer had to figure out a way. Steve was a haemophiliac who contracted HIV and hepatitis through unscreened blood transfusions, and found himself with only a short time to live.

  But Steve found hope. He started to know someone whom he called "the greatest love in the universe" (Steve's description of God). Blown away by God's love, Steve spent his last remaining months telling other students how they could live with hope no matter what challenges life might bring. Check out Steve's story for yourself: "Living with Hope" at www.everystudent.com