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This is the word that I was given when speaking in Christ Church, Jerusalem at the morning service on Sunday 2 November 2008. I spoke some of it to the congregation saying that God was shaking the nations in order to work out his purposes. I then remained in the church after morning service to record the words that specifically referred to Britain.

This is what the Lord God Almighty says to Britain; He who created the heavens and the earth and set nations in their places; I have watched over you throughout the centuries, prospering you and blessing you in times of distress, and protecting you in times of trouble when your enemies threatened to overwhelm you. But you are part of a generation that has despised your heritage and has turned away from my word, determined to go your own way. I have spoken to you again and again but you have not listened nor paid attention to my word.

In the 1960s when you were still rejoicing in the deliverance of your land from the threat of Nazi oppression you began misusing your freedom for self-interest and self-indulgence that would inevitably lead to strains and stresses in family life, the breakdown of marriage, and the neglect and abuse of children. I sent among you those whose eyes were open to perceive the danger but you did not listen or pay attention to the warnings I sent.

In the I970s you passed laws that were contrary to my word. You made divorce easy; and you so despised the precious gift of life that you began to fill the land with the shedding of innocent blood which is an abomination to me. As the followers of the god Molech sacrificed their children in the fire in the time of Jeremiah so you have incinerated your children - the little ones that were precious to me.

Since then you have removed restrictions upon the glorification of sex and violence in all forms of the media that has corrupted the young and spread wickedness and encouraged ungodly practices throughout the land. I have raised up voices among you warning of the consequences of your actions but you have not listened or paid attention.

You have taken discipline out of your schools, encouraging children to be free-thinkers without giving them clear guidance or setting standards that promote health and well-being. In your schools you have taught children sexual practices, telling them that they can do anything they wish so long as they feel comfortable and are not coerced. Then you wonder why so many of your teenage girls become pregnant and why your young people are afflicted with sexually transmitted infections. I sent prophets among your educationalists to warn you of the consequences of your policies but you did not listen or pay attention to the warnings I sent.

You have opened the door to people of many lands and races to come among you but you have not taken notice of my word. I said, welcome the stranger and the alien but do not allow them to establish spiritual strongholds among you that will turn you from the worship of the One True God whom you have known throughout many centuries revealed through Jesus your Lord and Saviour. But you have given encouragement to the worship of other gods whom your forefathers have not known and you have failed to teach your children all that I have done for you in past generations. You have created insecurity and confusion in the lives of young people, failing to give them standards that will guide them and hope to direct their steps.

Your churches have not built bridges with the strangers among you, neither have they declared my word of truth or shown my love and compassion to the alien and the refugee to bring them into a true knowledge of God. The prophetic voices in the church have not been honoured so my word has not reached the nation and although I have poured out my Spirit time after time you have not used my gifts to empower my people to turn the nation from the ways that lead to destruction to the way of life and health and prosperity.

Now I am shaking, not only your nation, but all nations by exposing the greed, avarice and self-indulgence in your financial systems that are abhorrent to me. But when my judgments are in the world the people are open to learn the ways of righteousness. This is a day of opportunity in the midst of what you regard as disaster; for I am the one who brings life out of death, who brings a word of hope in the midst of despair, who turns weakness into strength and poverty into prosperity.

If you will but listen to me now and heed the word I have already sent to you through the prophets of old, then you will see light shining through the darkness and the transformation of your land through the power of my Spirit.

Rise up men and women of God, you who know my word! Lift up your heads and see that the fields are ripe for harvest! I will empower you to reap a mighty harvest for the Kingdom.

This is a day of joy, and not of despair. This is not a time for the fainthearted but for men and women of valour to do mighty deeds through the power of the Holy Spirit. You have been called into the Kingdom for such a time as this. Now is the time to go. You will not walk alone for I will be with you.

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land (2 Chron 7.14).

If at any time I announce that a nation or kingdom is to be uprooted, torn down and destroyed, and if that nation I warned repents of its evil, then I will relent and not inflict on ft the disaster I had planned (Jeremiah 18. 7).

Clifford Hill



See also Luke 11:14-20 & 10: 17-20