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When I prayed to Jesus did I become a Christian?

If you are troubled in your mind and are unsure whether you are now a Christian, see below:

Ask yourself these questions and contact us by email with your answers

1. Do I believe that Jesus Christ came from Heaven to save mankind, including me?

2. Do I believe Jesus died on a cross, that God raised him from the dead and that he is now alive for evermore?

3. Do I believe that when Jesus died on the cross, he paid the price for my sins?

4. When I prayed, did I believe that I was a sinner in need of God's forgiveness?

5. When I prayed to Jesus to become a Christian, was I sincere in my heart about what I was asking?

6. If someone asked me, could I give examples of some sins that God has forgiven me for?

7. Do I believe that I can talk to Jesus in prayer and he will answer?

8. Do I believe Jesus is able to forgive ALL my sins and make me a brand new person?

9. Do I accept Jesus as my Lord, in charge of my whole life from now on, putting him first instead of myself?

10. Am I doing my best nowadays to live a changed life that will please Jesus my Lord?

11. Do I want to forgive others - from the past - for what they did to me?

12. Do I have a desire to read the Bible?